Yana Listens

We have an awesome book! Someone in your life wants this. Here’s why:

Meet Yana, a dreamy girl fond of playing by herself and often lost in her own thoughts. In this story, she learns to hear the voices of the plant world and discovers how useful the weeds growing in her yard can be. But then, just as Yana is starting to enjoy making wild salads and teas, she finds out that her neighbors plan to spray the neighborhood with herbicides. If they succeed, she’ll never be able to eat the apples or wild greens in her garden again. Will Yana be able to stop them? 

Read about Yana’s adventures, and learn about the plants together with her. Hone your plant identification skills while reading her story. 

The botanically precise illustrations teach children to recognize a few common medicinal plants while the story explains how to use them. A compelling story and some repetition in the plant pictures make the learning effortless. A quiz at the end of the book lets children test themselves on their new plant knowledge.

At the moment, Yana Listens is available on Barnes and Nobles and on Amazon. Eventually, I’ll figure out other ways to share Yana with more readers, but this is what we have for now.