Natural Herbal Living magazine

Learn more about herbs and herbalism by subscribing to Natural Herbal Living Magazine, a new magazine geared to people curious about or just starting to learn about herbs, and also to people who have been reading about herbs for a long time and are ready to start making their own tinctures, cordials, salves, and other products.

Each month, Natural Herbal Living Magazine focuses on one herb and provides several articles offering a variety of perspectives about that herb, together with recipes and lots of information. As one of the authors, I’m writing one or two of these articles each month as well. There is also an option to subscribe to a monthly herb box with ingredients for the recipes in the articles. The idea is that by focusing on a single herb each month, you’ll remember more than if you try to learn several herbs a month. Focusing on one, making various preparations with it and experimenting on it will let you get to know that one herb reasonably well. The box makes it easier to make all the goodies described in the issue. As a teacher of herbalism, the complaint I hear most often is that it’s hard to remember everything about all the herbs. Slowing it down to one herb a month and exploring that one in depth makes it easier to retain the information and ground it in experience.

I’m one of the writers, and periodically, I’ll repost my articles on this website. I also wrote a glossary for the magazine, and if you find an herbalism-lingo word that you don’t know, you can click on it and get my definition. (There are advantages to being both an herbalist and a lexicographer!)

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