Coaching and Brainstorming

Image 2Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Are there things you want to or need to do that you’re not sure how to get started with, move ahead with, or approach? Contact me for a coaching session.

I offer coaching and brainstorming sessions both separately from and combined with herbal consultations, shiatsu, and qigong. If we meet with one intention but I think another modality will help resolve an issue, then I’ll suggest it and you’ll decide whether to give it a try.

I began offering coaching when a client requested it. More people have requested it since.

If you come to me for coaching, I’ll listen carefully to what you tell me, pay attention both to the problem and to the hints at a solution that you give, and them help you transform the sense of being stuck into an opportunity to more forward. I’ll help you reframe ideas that you suggest to me until they become more imaginable and feasible. If those ideas don’t work well enough, I’ll brainstorm with  you until we come up with something that does. I love brainstorming!

Similarly, when we feel stuck by problems at work, with our families, in our job hunts, or in other aspects of our lives, often the biggest problem is the block itself. The feeling of being stuck makes it harder to imagine a way out. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, stuck qi can cause pain. Once we resolve the block and get the qi moving, the pain lessens or goes away. Finding solutions to “sticky” problems can resolve blocks and release qi, cascading a cascade of improvement in your life.

Sometimes, I can use qigong, acupressure, or herbs during our coaching to help you gain the energy you need to tackle a problem, to relieve the anxiety that is preventing you from moving forward, to unblock you, or otherwise facilitate our coaching work. If it looks like it would be useful and you’re interested, I may recommend an herb or teach you an acupoint or a short qigong practice to help you do whatever tasks you’re setting for yourself more easily. If I see an herbal or an energetic way to help you, I’ll offer that as an option. If you want only coaching with no add-ins, that’s fine, too.

Sometimes, I offer coaching during a shiatsu session or an herbal consultation, because a block in any one aspect of our lives creates an energetic block, causes imbalance, and impedes our overall well-being. At the same time, the work we do together with herbs, qi, and / or acupressure opens things up in a way that works synergistically with life coaching.  Sometimes people who come to me mainly for herbalism and / or shiatsu choose to devote an entire session just to coaching and brainstorming. You’ll decide, and you get to decide again each time we meet.