Join us for our upcoming Herbal Spa Day

You know you need a day of full attention to you and your needs, and you know how much easier it is to give that to yourself in the company and with the encouragement of others.

Our herbal spa day will include herbal footbaths and facials. As usual (unless the weather prevents us), we’ll start with a wild plant walk, and then we’ll make an enjoy a wonderful herbal infusion. We’ll also make a special, multi-use face toner that you’ll get to take imagehome. You’ll also learn a short acupressure routine. And you’ll get to take your herbal footbath home with you; you can keep using it all week.

Please bring two or three quart-sized jars or one quart-sized and one half-gallon-sized jar, one large steel or enamel vessel that your feet can fit in, one smaller steel mixing bowl or pot, a washcloth, and a towel or two with you. More details will follow registration, including guidance for those coming in household or family groups on which vessels you can share and which not.

Advance registration required. We need to hear from you right away, because we’re busy planning and preparing. We want to be sure to take your needs into account.

There’s more information, as well as more lovely photographs, here.

Use the form below to request a registration form.