About Us


I’m Nina, and I have a passion for helping people take control of their own health using readily available resources, such as plants and hands. I’ve been in private clinical practice in the Boston area since 1999.

Nina with burdock

Nina with Burdock

I’ve been studying herbalism since 1988. Like many other practitioners, I began by looking for solutions to health problems I was experiencing myself, and eventually found myself answering questions from family and friends.

I learn about plants from the plants themselves, books, direct experience, and, of course, people. A Chartered Herbalist graduate of Dominion Herbal College, I have also enjoyed the honor of taking workshops with Stephen Buhner, Isla Burgess, David Hoffman, Susun Weed, and Matthew Wood, among other wonderful teachers. Yarrow is my favorite plant-mentor. I teach herbalism in the Greater Boston area.


I began practicing Qi Gong in 1995, again, in response to a  personal health crisis. When my husband and I found acupressure helpful, we started studying it, especially in the form of shiatsu. I felt that since I was spending so much of my time learning about health, others needed to benefit from it as well as myself. My shiatsu studies took me into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which provides an analytic tool that I apply when working with herbs and nutrition as well as acupressure and Qi Gong. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, I studied with Kiku Miyazaki, Kiiko Matsumoto, David Euler, and B.J. Wang. I have studied Qi Gong and Qi/Ki healing with Wen-Ching Wu, Bill Ryan, Yang Jwing Ming, Frank Chan, and Katsumi Niikura.

Because of my passion for teaching people about safe, natural resources for taking control of their health, I also launched the People’s Health Series. The People’s Health Series is also on facebook, so please like us here.

I write about herbs and herbalism for Natural Herbal Living Magazine. You can read some of my articles here. More information about the magazine is available here. My articles about holistic health have also appeared in the Examiner.com.

In addition to my work in the healing arts, I am also a poet, writer, editor, philologist, lexicographer, linguist, translator, and educator. If you’re curious about this parallel life of mine, go to AskTheWordNerd.

I founded Meridians of Health together with Leonid S. Blickstein, my partner in healing and the rest of life. Leonid works primarily as a historian and a teacher of history, particularly at the college level, but he also gives the world’s best chair massages, and is extremely knowledgeable about Traditional Chinese Medicine.