How Does This Work in the Age of Covid-19?

Great question!!

I’m fully vaccinated, and boosted, so in theory I could go back to seeing people in person. Except…that I can’t really justify that to myself. No vaccine offers 100% protection against infection. We need to combine them with masking, distancing, and excellent air circulation. Distancing still needs to be part of this picture. Many people who want shiatsu have chronic health problems that increase vulnerability. Shiatsu involves touch and close proximity for an extended period of time. Proximity and distancing don’t combine. Eventually, I hope to figure out an outdoors option for the part of the year when that is reasonable in New England. In the meantime…

…I am offering virtual consultations. I work with people via whatever virtual method works. I’ll ask you to fill out an intake form and send me a photograph of your tongue. We can text, email, or Zoom. If you want to address one minor symptom and you’re not taking any medications, it may be very simple. Or it may be complicated and require more time.

I know many people are having an extremely hard time right now financially. To accommodate that, I am offering a radical sliding scale. My standard sliding scale is still up on the website, and will go up post pandemic, as I haven’t raised the bottom end of it for about 20 years. But right now, it’s a pay-what-you-can, honor-system based sliding scale.

In virtual consultations, I can help you figure out what herbs to use and how to use them, self-acupressure, and helpful exercises (usually based on sotai and/or qigong). If you’re taking meds and we’re concerned about interactions, I may recommend that you use the herbs topically, in the form of foot baths or hand baths, or by rubbing a drop of tincture onto an acupoint. And I’m fine with skepticism; I tend that way, too.