Your Personal Holistic Health Program

We’ll be partners in this work, so I’ll start out by learning more about you, your current health concerns, and where you hope this journey will take you. You’ll fill out a detailed IMG_0033intake form and we’ll schedule the initial consultation.

If we’re working in person, you’ll come in for a two-hour meeting, during which time we’ll review your intake form in detail, discuss your situation, your goals, and your ideas about how to achieve them. I’ll also use traditional TCM and Japanese assessment techniques to find out more about your energetic state; I’ll look at your tongue, check your pulses (three positions on each of your wrists at three different depths), and check your hara; hara assessment is a Japanese technique that involves gently touching your abdomen, through your clothing, in various areas that correspond to the meridians. Then, we’ll begin to make a plan together, discuss possible herbal allies and food strategies, and / or have a shiatsu session and / or a qigong lesson. Most people want a combination of all of this, although not always every time.

Image 2If we’re working via Skype, you’ll email me a photograph of your tongue, and then we’ll start a one-hour Skype conversation. We’ll discuss your situation, your goals, and your ideas about how to achieve them, and then we’ll begin to make a plan together.I’ll meet you where you are and we’ll move on from there. I’ll listen to your ideas, possibly suggest ways to tweak them, and offer further suggestions for an individualized program, including whatever combination of herbs, dietary changes, exercises, and / or acupressure seems right for you. If we’re working remotely, some of the suggestions may come in follow-up email or messages.

Herbal programs may include herbal infusions, decoctions, foot baths, hand baths, sitz  baths, tinctures, compresses, salves, or other preparations. I’ll provide detailed instructions as we go. Because empowerment is an important goal, your herbal program will be educational as well as practical. I’ll offer some detail as to why I recommend the herbs I suggest, so that you can learn about them and be able to know when to use them in the future. Of course, you’re welcome and encouraged to research them further on your own. If you’re interested I’ll also share some of my most trusted resources for further learning.

The exercises I recommend may include Qi Gong and / or sotai. I’ll explain them in detail, demonstrate, do them with you, and watch you do them. If there’s a problem, we’ll modify the exercise to make it work better for you.