Image 2I teach classes, workshops, and courses on many topics related to holistic health.

If you can get a few of your friends to join you, I can teach a workshop or class in your home.

Workshop and class topics include:

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  • Forage in your back yard: meet and learn to use the wild medicinal and edible plants that grow all around you
  • Make your own Fire Cider
  • Make your own herbal honeys
  • Make your own fermented veggies (kimchi, sauerkraut, and variations)
  • Simple remedies for colds and flus
  • Digestive wellness: strategies using food, herbs, acupressure, and qigong stretches and movements
  • Emotional well-being: strategies using food, herbs, acupressure, and qigong stretches and movements
  • Herbal medicine for children (workshop for kids or parents)
  • Sports injuries:  prevention & healing with herbs, acupressure, and qigong stretches and movements
  • Getting a good night’s sleep: strategies using food, herbs, acupressure, qigong stretches and movements, and affirmations
  • Help for your back: strategies using herbs, acupressure, and qigong stretches and movements
  • Herbal spa treatments
  • Goodbye to menstrual cramps
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  • Cooking with seaweed
  • Basketry, i.e., how to make your own foraging basket, infusion holder, tincture case, or sun hat
  • Making your diet work for you: a non-ideological approach to getting the nutrition you need, enjoying the diet you choose, and figuring out what you personally need to avoid and what you need to minimize or contextualize culinarily








Longer courses include:

  • Herbalism 101IMG_1421
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 101
  • Shiatsu 101 (for kids,  adults, or couples)
  • Acupoints everyone should know
  • Qi gong:
    • Five Animal Frolics: Qigong for parents and children, ages 3-103
    • Qigong healing sound meditation
    • Every bow a wand: Qigong for musicians
    • The Eight Pieces of Brocade
    • Hugging the Tree (Qigong standing meditation)
    • Meridian Qigong (stretches, sounds, and more)

I also offer higher-level classes and courses.

Use this form to contact us about arranging classes. Feel free to request additional topics.