Sliding Scale

For private clinic and private instruction:

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  • chair massage (15-20  minutes): $15-30
  • 30 minutes:  $35-55
  • 45 minutes: $55-65
  • 60 minutes: $65-100
  • 75 minutes: $70-$115
  • two hours: $115-$200


For adults, I begin with a two-hour intake session. After that, we usually move to 75 minutes. If shiatsu is part of what we do, and you are an adult, or have an adult-sized body and set of issues, shorter sessions will generally not suffice.

Labor inductions run at least 2 hours, sometimes three.

For young children, 30-45 minutes is enough. (45 minutes allows time for training the parent in acupressure techniques appropriate to the child.)

For older children 45-60 minutes are appropriate; for teens, full-length sessions may work better.

Private Qi Gong lessons are generally one hour.

Among the prices I have seen elsewhere in our geographic area: 20 minutes: $30; 30 minutes: $50; 45 minutes: $60; 50 minutes: $85; 60 minutes: $70-109 (not sliding scale, but prices everywhere in that range); 75 minutes: $90; $100; 80 minutes: $130, $148; 90 minutes: $145; 110 minutes: $195; 120 minutes: $145, $185, and $200.

I try to keep the bottom end of the scale below what’s widely available so as to keep it affordable for people who can’t afford most of what’s out there; if it’s still out of reach for you, feel free to ask about barter and Time Trade Circle sessions. The upper end of the scale is in line with the higher end of what’s out there and is designed to keep our work sustainable.

There are many ways to think about how much you should pay me. The most important is to find an amount that will allow you to come as often as makes sense for your well-being. Another way of thinking about this is as an exchange of Qi.

Other questions you may want to ponder are what you yourself (or your partner, your parent, or someone else whose income establishes your lifestyle) make per hour, how our society values various kinds of work and how you value them, what you will feel good about paying, what feels sustainable to you, and what sustainable means. In the ideal world, we all collectively give enough to meet everyone’s needs without impeding our ability to meet our own.

The sliding scale is based on the time we schedule. If you need extra time and I have it, I may go beyond our set time; if you need us to end by a certain time, please make sure to tell me this by the beginning of our appointment.

If the bottom of my scale is still out of your reach, there is another option. I am a member of the Time Trade Circle and have a limited number of sessions available for TTC hours. This is how I make my services available to people who are unable to pay with money. Because I need to keep my work sustainable, I am not usually able to see more than one TTC client a month.