Gift Certificates

Yes, we have gift certificates.

You may order a gift certificate for any number of sessions of any length. Not only that, but our sliding scale applies to all gift certificates, just as it does to all regular sessions.Screenshot 2017-12-17 20.30.20

If you want to give a gift that can really transform someone’s health, we recommend a 10-session gift certificate for one 2-hour intake session plus nine 75-minute follow-up sessions. If you want to give someone a gift and you expect them to follow through and keep going, you can give them a certificate for the 2-hour intake session, and then they can arrange follow-up sessions themself. Or you could get them an intake session and four 75-minute follow-up sessions.

If you think the person won’t want to come back, but will want to learn a lot and make an extensive plan, then one single three-hour marathon may be your best bet. If you want to provide someone with some stress relief and symptom relief, one 75-minute shiatsu session is an option, but this would not include a detailed intake or a full herbal consultation.

What if your friend or loved one does not live in the Greater Boston area? We can arrange Skype sessions instead of meeting in person.

Lots of choices!

Here’s a form to help you get started:




Pay via Paypal here.


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