How to finish preparing your tinctures, herbal vinegars, and oils

How to finishing preparing your tinctures and vinegars:


Finishing off tinctures and herbal vinegars is very simple. Before you finish them off, of course, you need to let them macerate for a long time.

When you and your tincture or vinegar are ready, strain through either cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer. Then, squeeze the remaining plant material (the “marc”) to get all the liquid out. Finally, pour into a clean glass (or stainless steel) container. Enjoy!!

(The process for finishing the preparations for fire cider is slightly different, and I’ll describe it in a separate post.)


How to finish preparing your herbal oil:


First, of course, let it infuse for a long time.

First, strain the oil through either cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer. Then, strain it a second time. Next, look at it and assess whether there’s any water or other material besides oil in the vessel; anything that’s not oil will make the oil go rancid a bit sooner. If there is, pour the oil very slowly into a fresh vessel, checking carefully as you pour so as to stop pouring before you get to the water, scum, or other non-oil part. Finally, transfer it to whatever container you’ll be storing it in. Enjoy!!