Wild Herb Week 2018

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[My kid] learned so much, but, better yet, he found a new kind of love and respect for plants.  I’ve always wanted that for him and you’ve kindled that fire.  Thank you a million times over.  Also, thank you for all the wonderful salves and tinctures you sent home with him.  What a treat it is to have it all here now, made by his hands (not just mine).

MD – satisfied parent

Image 2My son really enjoyed the wild herb week summer course. He learned a ton and had a super time. He has retained the plants he learned about and uses them regularly. What a great way to connect with nature while enjoying the company of nice friends

JP – happy parent

Summer 2018

Image 4Wild Herbs for Adults & Kids, especially age 8 & up

Join us for our sixth summer!

This Wild Herb Week will take place August 13-August 16, M-Th.  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Bring your child, your inner child, or someone else’s child! Come explore the healing herbs all around us, waiting to become part of you. We will learn to identify, harvest, and prepare at least 15 different herbs that you can find easily in your local environment to include in your diet and first aid kit.

Through hands-on harvesting, preparing, eating, and crafting, you’ll get to know each herb personally and practically.

Each family will leave with several herbal medicines, and the knowledge of how and why to make and use them.

Every year, Wild Herb Week includes a crafts project related to our herbal work. Past projects have included dream pillows, herb driers, and baskets. We haven’t yet decided what our craft will be this year. We may do coil basketry and make mini-baskets for keeping our tincture bottles safe, or slightly larger ones for keeping our infusions safe. Please feel free to tell us what craft you’d prefer.

Baskets made by participants in Wild Herb Week I, July 2015, filled with herbs we gathered for making tinctures and medicinal oils.

Baskets made by participants in Wild Herb Week I, July 2015, filled with herbs we gathered for making tinctures and medicinal oils

We’ll also prepare some medicinal oils during Wild Herb Week that we will turn them into lovely salves during one of our winter Wild Herb Days.

Depending on scheduling and interest, we may include some QiGong and shiatsu among our activities..

Who: Every interested person, ages 8 to adult. (Children younger than 8 who can handle pruners or other sharp tools may also participate; children too young to participate are welcome to hang out with us for free under their parents’ supervision.)

When: August 13-16, M-Th., 10 am to 3 pm

Where: Littleton, MA (exact address on registration)Image

How Much: $175 per person per week. Multiple discounts available.

Special Discounts: 12% off on the first person fee if registered & paid before May 30th; 10% off on the first person fee if registered & paid by June 15.

$60 discount per week for second child from the same household; $85 discount for each additional child from the same household. Parents accompanying their children may participate for free, as may additional adults from the same household. There will be an additional crafts fee for parents and other additional adults wishing to do the crafts crafts projects ($25).

N.b., the family/household discount assumes that each family/household will collaborate on a single set of herbal products, but each individual participant will make and take home a separate crafts project.


  • 20 hours of fun instruction!!
  • all herbs, jars, bottles, etc.
  • vinegar, oil, honey, alcohol or glycerin for tincturing, and all craft materialsNina w:Mushroom
  • lovely wild herbal drinks and snacks that we enjoy during Wild Herb Week
  • Participants go home with a substantial amount of homemade herbal products, plus at least one herbally relevant, hand-crafted item.

Lunch: We will make an herbal snack and / or beverage to supplement the lunch and water that you bring.IMG_1400

Clothes: We will be outside; please dress accordingly. Long sleeves, pants, socks, closed shoes, hats and muck-proof clothes in general recommended.

Other Details: Participating children should be able to use a pruner or knife, a sewing needle, and similar tools independently, or work together with a family member who agrees to help with this. “Ages 8 to adult” is short-hand for this. Some of the activities will really work better for kids 8 and up, but if younger kids want to participate and you’re prepared to help them, we welcome them. We have had some younger children participate successfully; kids acquire skills at varying ages. In addition, some of our older kids really love spending time with the younger ones. Adults without children are always welcome, too. When the kids play herb tag, commune with the horses, or run off to harvest herbs while the adults continue work on more sedentary projects, the adults have an opportunity to learn about the herbs in greater depth and ask about herbal strategies for specific health issues.

Younger siblings may be with you, but you need to supervise them; they will not be able to participate in all the activities. Adults are welcome to participate. To make your own crafts, remember to pay the materials fee. (All materials will be purchased in advance.)

This will be a a learning experience, not an authorized camp or licensed childcare situation. You retain responsibility for the safety and well-being of your child or children.

We will be in tick country. Please check yourself and your child/ren carefully for ticks at the end of each day, and remove all ticks thoroughly and carefully. We will make an herbal tick repellant together the first day.

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