“It’s Gone!” she said.

“It’s gone,” she said.

We were nearing the middle of a session combining coaching with shiatsu, qigong, and herbal counseling. In this particular session, most of our work was shiatsu and coaching, and she had started giving me some more details about a problem she wanted to share when suddenly the rest flew out of her mind.

“Shall we just wait a minute?”

“No, I can tell by the way it happened that it’s gone for a while, like, maybe a few days.”

“Would you like me to help you with that? We can use a qi projection technique I’ve developed working with people after concussions.”

“Sure. Why not?” she replied, open but slightly skeptical. Skeptical but open is a good combination.

“Oh,  so here’s what I was going to say….” And there it was, seconds after I began the projection, in greater detail than originally.

“That was pretty cool,” she said.