Littles at Wild Herb Week

People often ask whether little kids may attend Wild Herb Week. The web page says that it’s for kids 8 and up, and for adults, and explains further:

“Participating children should be able to use a knife, a sewing needle, and plant shears independently, or work together with a family member. ‘Ages 8 to adult’ is short-hand for this. Some of the activities will really work better for kids 8 and up, but if younger kids want to participate and you’re prepared to help them, we welcome them. We recognize that kids acquire skills at varying ages. In addition, some of our older kids really love spending time with the younger ones. Adults without children are welcome, too.

Younger siblings may be with you, but you need to supervise them; they will not be able to participate in all the activities. Adults are welcome to participate. TImageo make your own crafts, remember to pay the materials fee. (All materials will be purchased in advance.)”

Yesterday, two more people contacted me to ask about coming with younger kids. Younger kids don’t have to be the siblings of older kids, of course.

Here’s how I answered yesterday’s questions:

“By 8 and up, I mean “age” able to handle sharp tools, such pruners and / or Swiss Army knives and needles and up. Can your five-year old handle these? There’s lots of land, there are horses, and I have a teen assistant who tends to become the adoptive brother of all littles, which means you’ll get a chance to ask questions. Your [little] kids can come on weed walks, help harvest, make and do whatever their skill level permits, and hang out with us while you participate fully and kid wrangle by turn.”

Feel free to contact me with more questions!




2 comments on “Littles at Wild Herb Week

  1. Hi,

    Can your daughter come to Wild Herb Week?

    Much Love,

    The One And Only Amazing MRK

  2. herbqi says:

    Why, yes! I’ll be delighted to see you there.

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