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Image 2I see people with a wide variety of conditions. Some of the issues I’ve been privileged to help people with lately include:

  • tinnitus; in the first session, I was able to reduce the sound substantially. In the second, we reduced it again but also focused more on what would help the improvement hold.
  • limited mobility in the knee; again, we made some progress in the first session, but far more in the next, where we did a number of sotai exercises and a little qigong in addition to a shiatsu session and reviewing herbs.
  • aching muscles and joints; we are making considerable progress using a combination of herbs and shiatsu.
  • digestive issues; we’re using a combination of herbs, dietary strategies, and shiatsu to help the digestive organs work more effectively.
  • recovery from concussions; I’ve been privileged to work with a few people on their journeys of recovery and help them get relief from headaches, eye pain, and dizziness and learn what herbs to use when these come back. I also developed a kind of linguistic therapy to help with memory problems.

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