Register now for Wild Herb Week, Summer 2017!

Thank you for registering for our Wild Herb Weeks! We look forward to playing and

learning with you. To complete registration, please fill out the form below, calculate your

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Wild Herb Week participants hard at work

cost with the cost calculator, and use the button below to make your payment. We need payments in advance to be able to purchase supplies.

Herbal preparations are shared among family members (hence the family discount). If

you have complications or questions please contact us! You will note that there is an additional crafts fee for accompanying adults, who get to attend for free. We encourage everyone to make a basket!

Tinctures are usually made with alcohol. We usually use corn-based alcohol. You can steam off most of the alcohol, but if you need an alternative, please let us know on the registration form.

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You may begin the registration process by submitting this form:



Cost Calculation:

We have a very generous but complicated discount for families and households that make and share herbal products. Do the math, then complete your registration through the paypal button.

1st student: $165.

Cost for each additional student: $130.

Number of additional students: ____

Total cost for additional students: $____

Note that as part of the family discount, adults accompanying children or may come for free, but there is an extra crafts fee if you want to make your own basket, which we strongly recommend.

Extra crafts fee (for adults accompanying children): $25.

If registering before June 15, subtract 10% ☐ $ _____________

If you attended one of our Summer Wild Herb Days this summer, subtract 5% from everything except the extra crafts fee.

TOTAL: $ _______________

Please click below to make your payment; if the Paypal button doesn’t work, please navigate over to Paypal and make the payment there anyway, using the email (When herbalists make webpages…)